Why Twitter needs a Brand Champion and CEO now!

In case you hadn’t noticed, Twitter’s stock absolutely got crushed the other evening after interim CEO Jack Dorsey made comments during an earnings call about the company’s status. Jack Dorsey has been the interim CEO since Dick Costolo resigned earlier this year and the big question is who is going to be the CEO/Brand Champion for Twitter.

This unanswered question is leaving everyone wondering who is going to run Twitter and provide a vision for how the social media platform is going to expand their user base from the eminic 1% growth of active users. It has grown apparent that it is necessary for a leader to step in and guide the company back to the promised land of user growth and profit.

Twitter needs someone that is going to provide leadership, not only for the company, but also to provide a direction for the future. It is essential that the new CEO reassures Wall Street and their investors, that someone is in control and providing leadership that the company desperately needs. Take a look at what happened to their stock earlier this week when Dorsey didn’t provide needed answers on how to grow:

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.49.08 AM

Twitter, it’s time to find a Brand Champion and CEO who will provide the desperately needed vision and leadership as well as develop a plan that will allow the company to grow and prosper. Now is the time to pull the trigger and hire a Brand Champion!

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