What People Say

“Michael Doyle’s passion for marketing and branding make him the most dynamic speaker on those topics that our company has witnessed to date. He delivers his message with clarity and energy, making it easy for the listener to engage and learn about how to truly improve your company’s bottom line.”

Brad Johnston


“I learned from Michael how to develop a message that set the DAC apart from all the other ‘gyms.’ When I applied this new message in the marketplace correctly, and then used it consistently, we were able to drive more membership revenue. I think you will find that Michael Doyle has the expertise to facilitate the discovery of your unique brand and teach you how to use it to surpass business goals.”

Mark Condon

Denver Athletic Club

“Michael Doyle is a frequent speaker at the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. His expertise in branding and marketing strategies receives great feedback and response from all those who attend his seminars.”

Bob Rose

Denver Metro Chamber Of Commerce

“Michael was extraordinary when he addressed our CEO Forum. He provided the insight they needed to realistically evaluate the potential of their current business models and how they could be enhanced.”

Kathy Bucher

National Groundwater Association

“Michael’s leadership position as a brand building expert consistently comes through every time I hear him speak. His focus and passion for building or strengthening a brand through a ‘holistic’ approach seems to resonate with each and every audience member.”

Don Meyers

Vistage Group

“I appreciate you agreeing to speak to my group on Friday, and you really hit it out of the park. In seven years of chairing, I’ve never had a speaker get ratings like you did – all fives!”

Bill Rector

Vistage Group

“Phenomenal. His presentation is relevant, funny, approachable. His 7 Secrets of Becoming a Brand Champion were spot-on and his presentation is based on real world insight, and his style was fun, thought provoking and engaging.”

Lora Louise Broady

Daniels College of Business

“Amazing wake-up call!”

Mark Snyder

Superior Medical Supply