What Mom Taught Us About Brands


This year marks the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day. And on this special day, we look to MOM as the top brand! When thinking of a Brand Champion that represents everything a brand stands for, Mom is the best example.

Not only is she selfless, serving her kids and family through thick and thin, but she loves unconditionally as well. Take a lesson from Mom about how to treat our customers and our own brands:

1)  Service with a smile. Delivering great customer service and doing so with a smile can be very difficult sometimes.  But remember, it’s about making sure your clients are happy and that’s what should make you happy. Great brands are great because they have loyal, happy customers.

2) It’s all about the family (team). Just as Mom protects her own pack, we as Brand Champions need to do the same and protect our team members, helping them thrive. Like Mom, great brands do the same thing, making sure the internal brand delivery team has a healthy and productive environment to deliver great brand experiences!

3) Mom knows best! Just like Mom, the company’s Brand Champion knows what’s best for the brand. They make sure the brand stays true to it’s intention, lives up to the brand promise and keeps the brand pure.

4) Mom knows it’s all about the experience. From dinner to birthday parties, Mom will fret over details to make sure everything is just perfect. Brand Champions can take a lesson from Mom’s book to ensure that their customers have a great brand experience each and every time they do business with or interact with your company.

5) Moms take responsibility and make it happen! This is one of the most important things when it comes to running a house or owning a brand; it’s unbelievable what moms are capable of achieving regardless of the challenges. We as brands and Brand Champions can learn a lot from Mom when it comes to taking responsibility, getting things done and accomplishing your goals and objectives. Brand Champions probably learned the ability to get things done and accomplish their goals and objectives from none other than their Moms.

Continue to tap into the lessons that we learned from Mom to achieve your brand and business goals! Hats off to Moms everywhere for teaching us the valuable lessons that help us to make our brands better and help us to be the best Brand Champion!

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