What is your Goal? – The Secrets of a Brand Champion

One of the things most people don’t understand is what Branding is all about. It isn’t about logos and websites; those are just tactical tools that help to comprise a brand, but not the brand itself. It’s much bigger than that.

Branding is all about results. It’s how you setup your company and brand to achieve your goals and objectives, both personally and professionally.

One of the very first questions I always ask is, “What are you trying to accomplish?” Not only in a tactical sense, but in a much bigger sense when it comes to goals and objectives. Here are some examples: vastly grow and expand into a new market; launch a new product or service; raise capital that gets your business to the next level; position to increase the value of your stock/brand; position your company for acquisition.

Once you figure out what you’re trying to accomplish, it becomes tangible, and it makes it much easier to get where you want to be. Tangibility and intentionality make this all possible. Brand Champions of great companies make it happen by laying out a path and staying on track to reach their goals.

Ask yourself, what am I trying to get to and how am I going to make it happen? Brand Champions commit to it in writing, tell people and hold themselves accountable to make it happen. When you do that amazing things can happen. And they usually do.

Brand Champions: write down your goals, commit to it and make it happen.

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