What is Branding?

I recently interviewed a referral and found his perspective on branding quite interesting, which leads me to ask myself, just what is branding?

This bright eyed and bushy tailed young job seeker had said that he thought we worked on smaller accounts, working on visual brand aspects of client engagement vs working on larger clients getting to tell brand stories. Really?? Very interesting! Is that what we really do? Or do we need to get out there and tell our story of what branding is all about? I think the latter.

I hear all the time about what different branding experts think branding is and they are almost always centered around their area of expertise, for example here’s what you might typically hear:

Advertising firms say branding is about the brand story primarily communicated in an ad campaigns and broadcast media.

Social media firms say that your brand is what people are saying about you and your firm in social media platforms, i.e. – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google +, YouTube, etc.

Design firms say branding is about the visual representation and expression of a brand through design mediums, such as design systems, a website and marketing communication materials.

Web design firms say branding is about how you communicate your brand on your website.

Online marketing firms say branding is about how you communicate your brand online, on your website, in social media, through Pay per click, etc.

PR firms say your brand is about how you craft, communicate and control your brand message in the press both traditional and online.

There are also personal branding firms that say branding is all about how people perceive you as an individual, as a stand alone entity, as well as being within a firm.

Last but not least there are branding firms who focus on determining what your brand voice is and how best to communicate and convey that voice.

I’ve also heard people that say branding is what other people say about your company when they talk about you or have done business with you. This may be the net result of your branding efforts, but If you have all these different aspects of branding, what is branding?

Branding is much bigger than logos and websites, or even your brand voice or brand visuals. Branding is about how you position a company to achieve their desired goals and objectives, plain and simple. Branding is and should always be about results!

brand ranch

Take for example, a branding iron. Let that serve as your brand’s logo. Is that the only piece of branding your [brand] ranch should be using? No! Let the gate above serve as all the pieces of your brand: website, perception, brand experience, social media, voice, message, PR, etc. You can’t have a brand with just a logo. You need all of the aforementioned to come together and round out your brand. What form of branding are you utilizing?

Branding should be holistic, covering all the different aspects of your business’ marketing, sales and operations (both how you do what you do and deliver your products and services and how you support those efforts with your back of house operations as well). Branding is a strategic endeavor all companies should be doing to help position you as better and different than your competitors, thus helping you to own your space and crush your business goals and objectives.

Here at Brand Iron, we recognize holistic branding and our primary focus is forging brands and driving revenue. We can help you shape and re-position your brand to stand out and make sure you are utilizing all aspects of your brand to get results!

Are you branding only one aspect of your business? Shouldn’t you be utilizing your brand as a powerful and strategic way to position your company to achieve your goals and objectives? Shouldn’t you be looking at how you can make better use of your budget and branding, marketing and the above listed efforts instead of just branding one aspect of your business?

Harness the power of your brand, utilize branding across all mediums to reach the goals and objectives you’ve always dreamed of!

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