Welcome to the New Website!

I am thrilled to announce the launch of the newly revitalized Seven Secrets of a Brand Champion website!

Seven Secrets of a Brand Champion is a community for CEOs, business executives, marketing and branding aficionados to share success stories and learn tips from Brand Champions. Built for interactivity, the website is fueled by passion for branding and marketing strategy and implementation.

This is also the time to reveal that my book, Seven Secrets of a Brand Champion, is in the homestretch of being published.


In my book, you’ll discover that branding is more than a catchy name, trendy logo or flashy website, but rather, the emotions and associations that these images conjure up. Branding is a promise (of quality, of excellence, of innovation, of customer service) delivered to consumers by those images. Seven Secrets of a Brand Champion pushes this definition further and says that the real power of branding is in how you position your company to achieve the desired goals and objectives. Branding is, and should always be, about results.

Stay tuned for more details – and secrets – to come!

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