Twitter Needs a Brand Champion

With Dick Costolo stepping down as Twitter’s CEO, the on-line social Twitter_logo_bluemedia platform is looking for a new CEO to guide the company into a positive direction. Just last week there was even an article about how Twitter needed a CEO sooner rather than later to keep them independent and not an acquisition target.


Whoever the new CEO of Twitter is going to be, they need to have a vision for the company to be an innovator, grow users and usage, as well as growing revenue and getting the type of returns Wall Street had hoped it would have. Twitter needs a Brand Champion who is going to provide this essential direction, position, recipe for success and they need that Brand Champion now!


Jim Cramer rates Twitter stock as a “D rating” saying “Twitter’s dithering is what causes these departures” referring to departures in their marketing and sales staff as well as overall lack of strategic plan and direction. See more here:

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.18.44 PM

(Three month stock price from CNNMoney)

Looking at the press coverage and the stock performance, Twitter needs a Brand Champion in order to right the ship, stay relevant, evolve, grow and regain the confidence within the company (and keep top tier talent) as well regain confidence on Wall Street.

Twitter, it’s time to be proactive, it’s time to not just hire a CEO; but it’s time to hire a Brand Champion who can and will return you relevance, provide you with the leadership you need for your company, brand, investors and the marketplace.

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