Time to Start the Presidential Branding for 2016!

With the 2014 mid-term elections now behind us, it’s time for both parties to address their brands and positions with the American people in preparation for the upcoming 2016 Presidential election.  From potential Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Joe Manchin to potential Republican candidates Rand Paul, Ben Carson and Paul Ryan, it is time for the “left and right” to fine tune their message, polish their party’s brand and prepare for the long road ahead to the White House in 2016.

Though two years may sound like a long way off, in reality, with what is sure to be a big election in 2016, that is a relatively short time span. Both parties have some serious work to do in order to prove to us that they can work together to move our country forward.  Overall, both Republicans and Democrats need to improve upon the following:

  • Compromise
  • Reconnecting with the American people
  • Focus on getting the economy back on track and creating more job opportunities

But while both parties equally need to work on similar aspects, they also have their own individual issues that need to be resolved leading up to the campaigns of 2016. Specifically, the Republican party will most likely focus on how we can cut our spending to begin improving on our national debt as well as trying to reconstruct our healthcare system and transition from “ObamaCare.” On the other end of the spectrum, the Democratic party will have to work diligently to continue to convince the American people that we must continue what is already installed in order for us to begin seeing real results. The Democrats will need to defend their stance that, with time and patience, we will see positive results. But their mountain to climb is much steeper than that of the Republicans with the opinions of the American people.

This next Presidential election seems different than the rest. I certainly feel it WILL BE different than the rest and will be unlike anything we have seen before. With President Obama, history was made and while Republicans were surely disappointed in 2008 and 2012, many people in our country believed he was the HOPE and CHANGE the United States needed. But with most presidential tenures, the Obama administration has been criticized and clouded with plenty of flaws. So here we are again, back to square one, both parties bound to go at each others throats proving how THEY are the change this country needs. It is a never ending theme. A theme where one party holds office for 8 years and then it switches to the other party, and so on and so forth. I feel we can all agree that the Republicans certainly have the upper hand after the results of the most recent midterm elections but a lot can happen still in the next two years.

Overall, candidates from both parties are going to have to find a stance, deliver a message that connects with their audience and begin implementing a plan for an effective campaign. Both parties need to ramp up their efforts because with so much negativity surrounding the political scene, we are in need of something to believe in rather than doubt in. So it’s time for the the candidates from both the Republican and Democratic parties to define their brand, their position and their message as our country draws near to a new chapter in the White House.  Now, sit back, relax and watch the magic, or rather blood bath, unfold before your eyes as we prepare for a new leader in 2016.  Let the fun begin!






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