Time For a Brand Champ to Step Up in Washington


I have written before how America needs a Brand Champion.

Well, today more than ever, we as a country need a Brand Champion. A Champion that will step up and unite Washington to solve the Government shutdown, fix the looming debt ceiling crisis, and stabilize our country and the financial markets.

I was watching TV last night and became more and more disgusted watching both party’s leaders playing the ping pong blame game, going on back and forth with no resolution.

When is someone in Washington going to take a stand for civility and cooperation and Champion the Brand of our great country and bring our hugely divided Government together, for our people, for our future and the for the sake of the country?

I’ve heard all the arguments: “The people spoke last November;”  “They don’t want ObamaCare;” “It’s their fault;” “It’s not our fault;”  “We’ve reached out to them;” “They won’t sit down and talk.”  It is finger pointing after finger pointing. I’m at the point where I want to throw-up.

Both sides are right and both sides are wrong, which leaves us, the people, as losers!

Who cares about the arguments anymore? Who doesn’t want all the politicians to wake up and actually start to work together to solve our country’s problems?

The only thing I care about is solving the stalemate in Washington that has polarized the country. Yes, one side might crumble or buckle under pressure, but that isn’t going to solve the problem. The only thing that will solve the crisis, is for the two sides to sit down face-to-face and run the country in a united fashion.

Our country needs a Brand Champion…for the people and for our future.  We need one now! A Brand Champion that will unite the chasm that separates the two parties, bring together everyone for a common good. Someone who will actually practice exceptional-ism!

Someone needs to turn on the signal light for a Brand Champion to lead the country and save the day (like they used to do in the Batman show). I think we all thought we elected a President who was going to bring us together but that has yet to happen.  It’s still possible I suppose, but it doesn’t look promising.

America needs a Brand Champion now who will help and save the day. I know that sounds a little superhero-ish, but that is clearly what we need as a country. Will America’s real Brand Champion please stand up?

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