Tim Tebow: Denver’s Biggest Brand Champion

If you haven’t heard Tim Tebow is the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos, and he has taken the league by storm. He is getting an immense amount of media coverage in the process, and has achieved moving the Broncos from last to first in the AFC West. In addition to these accomplishments, he is a Heisman Trophy winner and formerly lead the University of  Florida to a national championship.

His media coverage in not solely surrounding his amazing football ability, but also his focus on Jesus Christ as his savior and inspiration for his performance. This has been viewed as controversial to many including Kurt Warner, saying it could have a repelling effect. Whether you endorse his religious outspokenness or shun it, one thing is certain, he has sparked the team.

Before Tim Tebow joined the team, the Denver Broncos were lifeless and facing a long and hopeless season. Tebow came in with not only a belief in Christ, but in himself and his ability to lead the team back to contention. He is a champion, a Brand Champion. His teammates are on board to work hard toward producing unheard of, and frankly unbelievable results.

One of Tebow’s teammates stated earlier this year, that a player either has a stellar presence on the field or an outstanding effect in the locker room, but usually not both. This same teammate stated that Tebow is the lifeblood of both the locker room and the field, and has been the driving force in changing the course of the team from last to first.

The remainder of the season should be fun to watch, making winter around here much more palatable, and giving everyone in Denver something to cheer about. 

Is Tim Tebow for real? The jury is still out, but as far as this year is concerned, he has energized and lead the team as not only the starting quarterback, but as the inspiration, leader and Brand Champion of the Denver Broncos. Tebow’s brand stands for Christ, winning, and being one of sports’ good guys.

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