The Power of the Oscar Brand

Like a lot of Americans, I tuned in to catch the Oscars Sunday night with my daughter, and watching Ellen and her celebrity selfies take down Twitter, I realized the power of the Oscar’s brand. Let’s take a look at the power of the brand!

A lot of big events start with a pre-show for hours getting ready for the main event, and the Oscars is no exception. Prior to the awards show, you can tune in to see stars and guests arriving at the event, strutting down the red carpet, telling the press what they are wearing and answering questions about their movies. Really? Why do we spend hours  watching people arrive at an awards ceremony?

Because it’s globally  watched Oscars, where anyone who is someone has to be there. Because millions upon millions around the world watch with baited anticipation, to see their favorite star. If it seemed like you were watching more commercials than the actual show, you wouldn’t be too far from the truth.

Even while writing this blog I saw Ellen taking selfies aimed at taking over Twitter, Tumblr and the entire internet. And you know what? With all the attention online, and because of the power of the Oscar brand, they did! Check out Ellen’s Twitter photo, and how it has been turned into an internet sensation


This particular photo came from Tumblr with the caption:

“Incidentally, I felt a little sorry for Jared Leto that he was cut out of ‘the best selfie ever taken’, so with a bit of Photoshop trickery, I fixed it for him. Jared, you’re welcome. #JaredLeto #Oscars #selfie #Oscarsselfie #Ellen #Oscarceremony


This one also came from Tumblr, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio’s “I didn’t win an Oscar, again” face.

With this years vast audience and sponsor tie-in’s like Samsung, it’s truly amazing the results you can reach! Let’s take a look at the numbers to see the breadth and reach of the show and it’s audience:

This years Oscars was watched by 43 million viewers – the most in 10 years, 30 second ad space costs $1.8 million — up roughly 10% vs. 2013, according to a report from media consulting specialist Kantar Media. That’s why this year’s Oscar ad booty for ABC could approach $90 million, Kantar estimates.

ABC says Oscars activity on Twitter up 75% from last year and Social Guide estimated that 3 million people sent 11.2 million tweets during the broadcast.

Ellen set out to make her celebrity selfie the most retweeted picture in Twitter history. She cinched the title from Barack Obama’s photo on 11/6/12  “Four More Years” 778,648 retweets.


It took only 35 minutes for Ellen’s photo to break Obama’s record. And after one hour, her photo got 1.3 million retweets, as of Tuesday, the photo has 3,172,592 retweets. Ellen’s (@theellenshow) photo is the first to pass 1 million retweets, 2 million retweets, and 3 million retweets.

When you have the strength, reach and power of the Oscar brand, you can rake up some serious numbers, results, dollars and retweets! Time to start thinking how you and your company can generating astonishing numbers like the Oscars and their brand!


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