The Obama Black Eye(s) is Hurting His Brand

First, it was the Benghazi news, which The White House and Democrats have been saying is partisan politics at its finest. Then, the news about the IRS targeting conservative groups, and finally the news about the AP having its phone lines being tapped by the Department of Justice as well. Over the last week, the news for Obama and The White House has gone from bad to worse.

President Obama’s black eyes have led to his brand taking a beating as well; he and the Democrats can’t blame it all on the Republicans. America voted in President Obama because the country had had enough of the Bush Administration and they wanted change; Obama was the outsider who was coming into Washington and going to bring about that change, transparency and lead the country in a positive direction.

President Obama getting bad press doesn’t just look bad, but it erodes his brand, the confidence and trust in him, and The White House and the government as a whole. The loss of brand in this case could lead to a loss of power and a loss of confidence in his ability to lead the country.

Just like Nixon and Bush II before, Obama has to be careful just like the rest of us in the business world to make sure we keep our customers and/or contingencies confidence and faith in serving them. If we as leaders start to lose that confidence we have to make sure we reconnect with our customers. This usually takes getting out in front of the situation and communicating the error of our ways, either our own or the people that report to us. And telling them it won’t happen again. A heartfelt apology usually goes a long way.

It will be interesting to see how President Obama handles these current challenges and what moves he is going to take to keep the faith of the American people, Congress and the Senate and restore his brand. Usually it comes down to proactively handling the situation and maintaining that connected relationship. If you get out in front of the situation in a proactive manner, take a humble approach and restore faith with your customers/contingency, you can restore your brand image. President Obama could benefit greatly from taking this approach to the challenges he currently faces.

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