The NBA and Isaiah Austin


Flipping through the TV, I stumbled upon on the NBA draft just in time to see Isaiah Austin selected in the NBA draft. Emotional, classy, and great to see Adam Silver step to the podium and announce that the NBA had drafted Isaiah Austin.

Watch it here: Adam Silver And The NBA Draft Isaiah Austin

You see, Isaiah Austin was just diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome during a medical examination prior to the NBA draft. Being diagnosed with such an ailment ended his basketball playing days, hopes and dreams of playing in the NBA, and making the millions he was sure to earn if drafted as expected. With such heartbreaking news, Austin’s life did not unfold exactly the way he had planned. Yet because of his faith, Austin had a positive attitude, thanked God for the blessings in his life, and was ceremonially drafted by the NBA in a great sympathetic and classy move.

Hats off to the NBA and Adam Silver for having a heart, inviting Austin to New York for the NBA draft and ceremonially drafting him. In addition to guiding the brand and position of an organization, a Brand Champion is the heart and soul and should show it as well. The NBA and Adam Silver get my nomination for Brand Champions because of the compassion and the way they displayed sympathy and grace to a young heart broken man.

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