The GOP Brand Blues


Let’s talk about a brand that is battered and beaten down.  The GOP is certainly in need of strengthening their brand. The GOP/Republican brand is in the dumps because of their own doing.  I saw an article that bets are being placed on the GOP losing the house this coming year because of how bad current the public sentiment is regarding the party and their actions, or shall we call them inactions?   It’s time for them to hire a brand expert that can help them with their brand problems.

First and foremost, sorry to say it, but the Republicans just don’t understand what matters in today’s modern social media and internet connected world.  It is all about perception.  Everyone has the ability to broadcast opinions, and it’s the opinions of particular individuals and thought leaders that the general public uses as their source of information to create their allegiance. Take the most recent Government shutdown for example, yes I know you’re going to say, “but liberal left wing media is so biased and is the Democrats mouthpiece.”  That is exactly the point!  The perception of the loudest media outlets is what the general public is basing their stance on.  Someone in the GOP has to get better at communicating why their stance/position is a better one for the country than the Democrats.

Second – The Democrats appear to understand how to package their message in a targeted fashion.  In a way that is appealing to the masses.  The Republicans have to better package and position themselves and their message, so it is appealing to the broader general public, and most importantly, the independents. The GOP has to understand not only what their brand strategy is, but also how to package and position themselves better than the competition, plain and simple.

Third – The GOP party and the brand is splintered because they can’t agree together on just what they stand for anymore with all the fractions within the party. Whether you like the Democrats or not, they are united as a party and works together to defeat the dreaded GOP. The GOP has to figure out how to be united and develop a position and message that everyone within the party can relate to and be moved to vote for.

Fourth – Let’s face it, the Republicans don’t have a Brand Champion running the party in a unified fashion! Who on the Republican side is the Brand Champion for the party? Could you name the party’s representative? At least the Democrats have President Obama as their unified leader-the great uniter, who whether you like him or not, is the undisputed Brand Champion of the Democrats. The GOP has to band together and figure a brand strategy pretty damn soon or else they are going to become irrelevant. They need to have a Brand Champion who can communicate a clear and concise message that resonates and compels the entire conservative constituency to band together to fight for what they believe in.

Last but not least, it’s time for the GOP to pull themselves together with their lack of sophistication and hire a holistic brand expert that not only understands how to help figure out a winning position that America can put their arms around, but to help them become a united party. It’s time for the GOP to get their act together before next year’s elections and admit they need some help.  I hear that is the first step, admitting you have a problem.  It’s time to give Brand Iron a call and put a stop to the madness.  Let’s develop a brand strategy and position that can lead you back to relevance, GOP party!  Let us help you put your flag in the ground and own your space.  Let us help you identify a Brand Champion.

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