The Brand Promise

I’m sure we’ve all heard about the “brand promise” more times than we can care for, but how many of us really know what it is or what it means?

A brand promise, otherwise known as a brand value promise, is a promise that a company gives to prospective and current customers alike.   It outlines exactly what to expect when you choose to do business with them, whether you buy their product, utilize their services, or any combination of the two. Surprisingly enough, only a portion of companies have taken the time to develop a brand promise.  Of these, fewer have it written down, and even fewer of these have committed to a clear idea on how they are going to fulfill that promise.  A brand promise is absolutely vital to a business because it provides a quality assurance to those who plan on interacting with your company.  By neglecting this important step, you are showing a lack of conscientiousness that can have detrimental effects on your client/company relationship.

There is no question as to whether or not you should have a brand promise; the questions you should be asking yourself at this point are as follows:

  • What is my Brand Promise?
  • Is it authentic and achievable?
  • How can I define it as clearly as possible?
  • How and with whom do I want to communicate it?
  • How can I package and condense this Brand Promise so that it is easily circulated and understood?
  • Who will be responsible for these tasks?
  • How can I ensure that my company delivers products and services that are in alignment with the Brand Promise?

When establishing a brand promise, it is necessary to have a general idea of what quality of service you are able to deliver.  That being said, it’s perfectly OK to have an aspirational brand promise that you are on the path of delivering within a short amount of time; what’s not OK is a brand that doesn’t come close to delivering on that promise. This is an excellent way to disappoint and dismay prospects and customers, who may even get pissed off at you and your company. When this happens, they tend to be quite vocal about how bad their experience is, and they are more than happy to tell others about it.

Creating a brand promise to deliver great brand experiences can also be inspirational to you and your internal team, motivating them to act within that standard with each and every client. There is no point in having a brand promise unless you can enforce it.  Make sure you have a well-defined and communicated brand promise that clearly states what kind of brand experience and quality a prospect and customer can expect to receive. And please, please make sure you deliver on that promise and deliver great brand experiences with each and every prospect and customer interaction. Best of luck!

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