The 7 steps of a Brand Champion Awakening!


1) Realization – It happens when the soon-to-be Brand Champion wakes up. One day they decide they want to take the business to the next level. It could be accomplishing a specific goal or objective, like launching a new product or service, raising capital, getting acquired, etc. Brand Champions decide they don’t want to be average anymore, so they choose to own their space. By making this decision, they strive to make their brand the best by prioritizing their objectives, crushing their goals, and delivering the best results. It all starts when a Brand Champion awakens, rises, and decides to take the reins to championing and owning the brand and results of the company. That’s what makes them a Brand Champion!

2) Have a Vision – Brand Champions have a vision of where they want to be as a brand and a company. They know realistically how their brand is perceived and what it will take to get to where they want the brand to be. It starts with that vision and laying out a very intentional plan of how to make that vision become a reality through internal and external branding. Brand Champions are visionaries who dream of the impossible and want to make a bold mark for themselves, their company, and their brand.

3) Position for Results – A Brand Champion knows their brand cannot just be ‘good enough,’ rather it needs to be more unique and creative in order to be better than the rest and achieve those desired results. Most companies don’t connect the dots between branding and results, but Brand Champions harness this challenge and help lead their brand to success. So are you utilizing your brand’s full potential to properly position yourself to achieve your goals?

4) Personally Driving the Brand – As a Brand Champion, you must personally own and drive the company’s brand. Typically, most executives and business owners run their business, oversee what they do, and work on strategic initiatives and key customers, but they fail to truly own their brand. This is what sets a Brand Champion apart from the rest. A leader who takes pride and ownership in their brand will in return see the rewarding results. Stop looking for others to own and drive the brand, and instead embrace the responsibility of being your company’s Brand Champion.

5) Be Better – These days it’s not enough to be as good as your competitors; you have to be better! Every business in every space has fierce competition fighting for their piece of the pie. Brand Champions effectively define differentiators and can effectively communicate why they are better than the rest of the herd. I’ve heard it too many times, “can’t we just do good work or make a good product and let the results and customers speak for me?” That passive approach doesn’t work anymore. These days you not only have to do a better job at what you do, but also do a better job at packaging how and why you are superior.

6) Make Your Brand Come Alive – It’s not enough to say you know what you want your brand to become and accomplish. As a Brand Champion, you have to be the one to make your brand come to life. It first starts within your company, making sure that everyone internally knows what your brand stands for and how to make that experience come alive. Once everyone on the team knows how to bring life to the brand, it’s time for you, the Brand Champion, to take that brand promise out to the marketplace and make it come alive. Brand Champions take their brand to market, go to the mountain tops, to the internet, speaking, writing, tweeting, and blogging and making your brand come alive and reach your desired goals and objectives.

7) Create Other Brand Champions – Once you have taken the mantle and become the Brand Champion for your company, it’s time to build and develop other Brand Champions from within. You need to identify the next level of leaders within your own organization and make sure they not only understand the brand promise, but know how to get everyone within the organization to deliver upon that brand promise. Then, you need to train those future Brand Champions on how to take your brand to market and make sure they can be a Brand Champion that speaks for and represents your company and brand in your marketplace.

It’s time for you to awaken and be the Brand Champion your company needs you to be. It’s time to start the steps listed above to brand and position your company in order to achieve your desired goals and objectives. Champion your brand today and win!


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