The 7 Secrets of a Powerful Branded Pitch

One of the things I see all the time is business leaders underselling themselves when it comes to presenting their company’s capabilities. Don’t make this mistake and undersell your yourself or your company. Utilize the power of your brand, make it lively, sell yourself and your company!

1) What is the opportunity? Have you packaged the opportunity and the space that you are playing in? Have you put together information as to how big the space you’re playing in is? Have you defined how you fit in this space? Take a look at the following example:


2) Why you are better? – Don’t make the same mistake the majority of business people do by just saying what their company does. Instead you should be saying how your company, concept, technology, product or model is better than the competition.

3) Value Points – You need to communicate why you are better in three to six value points. These value points should be simple, easy to understand, and resonate with your target customer. These value points need to be something tangible.  Some examples are: increased productivity, improved design, time savings and better functionality.


4) Make it clear and concise – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen companies with these monster pitch decks to explain what they do.  No one wants to sit through or read one of those, trust me! I like to see presentations that are 10 – 20 clean slides, simply explaining the concept in a nice clear, concise and crisp fashion.

5) Branded and Visual – Powerful and moving presentations utilize strong visual elements. They feature the company’s brand and have that unified look and feel that reinforces a design system, position, and value proposition. They also utilize visuals or infographics that make concepts easier to understand. The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words certainly stands true when presenting your company or concept.


6) KISS – This is an old concept I learned back in college in regards to teaching (yes, this was a  career path that I briefly ventured down). Keep It Simple, Stupid. Don’t make it harder or more complicated than it needs to be! Keep it nice and simple, sell the idea or concept and once you have grabbed their attention, you can go back and explain all the details.

7) Close – You have to ask for what you want! When you’re done presenting your idea, company or yourself, ask for what you want. I love to see people wrap their presentation up in a strong and compelling fashion and close on just what they are looking for. Have some confidence and show the people that you’re presenting to that your idea or business is strong, worthwhile and ask them exactly what you want them to do!

Follow these 7 secrets to a Powerful Pitch and get the response you are looking for.

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