Taylor Swift Enters the Mobile Gaming Market

Another celebrity is using their star power on social media, and this time, it’s Taylor Swift. According to MarketWatch, Taylor Swift has signed a partnership with Glu Mobile Inc, a mobile games developer who recently created the Kim Kardashian emoji app, Kimoji. After the deal went through, Glu Mobile’s stock increased 29%, adding $75 million to their market cap (MarketWatch).
Taylor Swift’s success extends far past the music industry and across several markets, with several strong brand ambassador relationships and a massive following on social media. Hoping to capitalize on Swift’s 70 million Twitter followers, 74 million Facebook likes, and 65 million followers on Instagram, Glu Mobile plans to create a unique mobile gaming experience around the music icon. Expected to debut in late 2016, we’re eager to see what Taylor Swift can do with her concrete brand image and her surging social media circle.


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