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I spend a fair amount of time connecting on social media each and everyday and there is one constant across all mediums: “Do this for me, do that for me, me, me, me!” Based on how bit the “selfie” is, It’s obvious that everyone wants to be a star and the center of attention.

Everyday, I am asked to “share this,” “promote this,” “re-Tweet me,” “promote me” and “like me.” I feel like saying “enough is enough.” How about using a different tactic and take the time to build a relationship, get to know who you are dealing with.

Maybe instead of asking right out of the gate, you should consider some common etiquette.  Let’s take a look at a few ideas that might help!

  1. Understand your objective – Know what you are trying to get accomplished with your social media efforts. Who is your target audience, who are you trying to appeal to and who would you like to connect with?2.
  2. Friends first – I get asked all the time to do something for someone, where most times I don’t know them! Just like in dating, work on getting to know the person before you try to take a trip around the bases.
  3. Adopt the mindset of “give and thou shalt receive” – Just like my favorite book, “Love is the Killer App” by Tim Sanders, you should give unconditionally first, not expecting to get anything in return. When you have developed friendships, you can ask your friends for a favor.
  4. Be the expert – No matter what your business you can be the expert in your space. Even in tech or consumer goods you can be the style or design expert and go-to resource. Be the expert, provide valuable content and be the one they turn to when they have a need.
  5. Content – Content is the key these days. Content, writing your own and sharing of others helps you learn more. Provide content for your company’s blog and you can re-purpose it on social media as well. Having and generating content will help your company’s website search engine optimization.
  6. Be social and have fun – People forget that social media is supposed to be social! Connect with others who have the same interests. Find, read and share valuable information. Have some fun during the process and use it to reach your goals and objectives.

Have fun with social media, build friendships, make sure to give first, provide valuable content and use it to position you to achieve not only your own, but your goals and objectives as well.


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