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This month, manufacturing is being celebrated at The Made in Colorado event April 23rd as well as in this month’s ColoradoBiz Magazine, where you can find features on the MADE 250 & CAMA that represents manufacturers.


CAMA (Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Alliance) is the leading manufacturing trade organization, by and for manufacturers, in the state helping to make manufacturing strong and a leading force with the goal of promoting manufacturing in the state of Colorado.  Take a look at some of CAMA’s members and other manufacturers that Brand Iron works with such as:


Steelhead Composites

steelhead steelcomposites


Founded in 2012, Steelhead Composites is a Colorado advanced technology manufacturer that produces the integral component used by advanced manufacturers in numerous industries. The company assists in the development and deployment of next generation emissions reducing systems by using innovative design, technology and manufacturing to produce lightweight, high pressure vessels. These high-tech tanks are are made to be be as strong as steel tanks but weigh considerably less because they are made from aluminum wrapped in carbon fiber. They are used in alternative fuel vehicles that run on compressed natural gas or hydrogen.

Read more about Steelhead Composites here and check out their features in the Denver Biz Journal and CoBiz Magazine!

Foresight Products


duckbill Duckbill

mantarayManta Ray

stingray Sting Ray

Foresight Products has been a complete manufacturing, marketing and sales company of “Earth Anchor Systems” for over 30 years. They produce three different strengths of anchors that can handle anything from root balls, antennas, fences, utility poles and docks to transmission towers.  You can read more about Foresight Products here.



treadwright  twtire

Treadwright values their customers and feels that quality tires should not cost $600+. They have reinvented the tire industry, creating high-quality, innovatively designed and environmentally friendly tires at a cutting-edge price point. Their environmentally-friendly tires go through a retreading process which allows them to offer their product for up to 60% less than the competitors. Take a tour of Treadwright’s full e-commerce site.


United Asphalts


United Asphalts has been manufacturing quality products for the waterproofing and roofing industries for over 50 years. They are a manufacturer of No Smell Asphalt that is ideal for facilities such as schools and hospitals that can not be closed during a roofing project. The asphalt has an additive that suppresses the smell of regular asphalt. Learn more about their No Smell Asphalt on their website.


Rustic Log Furniture


Rustic Log Furniture is a company based out of Alamosa, CO manufacturing aspen log furniture. They produce quality pieces for the whole home; beds, chairs, cabinets, sofas, armoires, etc. You can see their whole line of products in the online catalog.

Wazee Crane


Wazee Crane is the leading overhead bridge crane manufacturer and hoist supplier in the region. They have served as a premier crane builder and service center for more than 50 years. They not only build cranes, but design, test, service, inspect  and repair them as well. They have a complete manufacturing facility in Denver, Colorado and 8 service locations. If you’re curious, Wazee has some more great photos of crane construction on their site.

Let’s celebrate manufacturing in Colorado at the event on the 23rd. If you’d like more information about how you can get involved with CAMA, check out their website. You can also find some more information and case studies on Brand Iron’s website.


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