It’s time for Elway and the Broncos to define what their brand stands for!


Another day, another Bronco arrested. Sound familiar? That’s because it is. Von Miller was arrested within the last couple of days. Just weeks ago it was Quentin Saulsberry.  Before that, it was front office executives Matt Russell and Tom Heckert.  Four Broncos arrested over the summer.

Yes, I understand the Broncos needed to suspend Russell and Heckert in their attempt to take a stand against drunk driving. But I’m still waiting for John Elway, executive VP of football operations, and the Broncos to stand up before the fans and media, and define what the Denver Bronco brand represents and stands for. It will probably be awhile before anything happens.

I would love to see Elway and the club tell the community what can be expected from the team. Does it stand for a bunch of drunk and disorderly jocks and executives? Or are the Broncos concerned about how these arrests appear to their community and the rest of the country? Do they really only care about the wins and losses? Or do they actually care about the character of these individuals and ultimately how they represent the club and community?

They should demonstrate how they want the team and its executives to conduct themselves by defining their values, morals and standards. They need to start caring more about them as role models who represent the community. Are they going to be outstanding citizens, abiding by the laws of our country, conducting themselves in a manner of which we can all be proud of? Or will it be the same issues, with them responding with the standard press releases? When will someone stand up and say enough is enough?

I want to see John Elway not only act presidential, but capitalize on this opportunity to be a Brand Champion for the club. I recommend he convey what the brand stands for and what can be expected from the the entire staff, players and executives alike. I would love for John Elway to take that step up as a leader and “Champion” the Broncos brand.

It’s time for not just a Super Bowl Champion, but a Brand Champion to step up at Dove Valley and lead the Broncos. John, is that you? Or do you need to bring Tim Tebow back? At least we can count on him to take a stand and not to get arrested.


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