It’s Time for a Midyear Review!

Already we find ourselves at the midpoint of the year and it’s time to pull out your 2016 business plan and see how your business execution is measuring up against your goals. Realistically measuring how you are really doing is harder than it seems.  Take a good look at what’s working and what’s not when you analyze your top and bottom line.

How is your team doing? Are you having fun and enjoying what you are doing? Results aren’t just measured merely by the bottom line, but also what your customers, staff and you, yourself are experiencing during the process.

Ask yourself the following:6530383391_d7bdbea156_b

  1. Are you hitting your top line revenue goals?
  2. Are you hitting your bottom line profit goals?
  3. Are your customers/clients having a good experience with your company?
  4. Are you executing against your strategy and doing necessary tactics to reach your goals and objectives?
  5. Are you having fun in the process?
  6. Are your employees enjoying their work experience?
  7. Are you positioning your company to achieve your bigger picture goals and objectives or your Achieve Anything?

Once you have taken a look at the answer to these questions it’s time to either pour more gas on the fire or pivot and get back on track to achieve your goals and objectives. Be a Brand Champion, take ownership and lead your company on the journey towards becoming the company you’ve always dreamed it could be.

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