The Importance of Your Brand in Recruiting

Recently, I’ve been working with several companies in the fields of construction, oil and gas, IT, SAAS and APP that are stymied by the lack of qualified workers. The companies in these industries seem to run into issues with the quality of work done by the individuals hired, causing a traffic jam in their pipeline and creating headaches all around. This can be a huge problem for these companies, especially when most executives fail to brand or market themselves effectively, resulting in an inconsistent recruitment philosophy with flawed tactics that, in turn, lead to this turmoil.

Companies, especially ones in the “hard to recruit” areas, as the ones ones listed above, need all the help they can get with recruiting and attracting top tier talent. In order to separate yourself from the competition and successfully locate the right talent, you must have a strong brand to define how you are better and why prospective candidates need and should want to work for YOU.  It needs to be a combination of being open to a wide array of talent but also setting company-wide standards for those who work for your company. From entry-level to top management positions, the individuals in your company represent your organization and in order for your brand to be perceived as successful, powerful and unique in its field, it begins and ends with the individuals who work for you day-in and day-out. But vice versa, strong branding will recruit the right people for your company.  This is why strong branding and successful recruiting must go hand-in-hand.

Proper branding will appeal to not only prospective clients but also to prospective candidates. When recruitment begins, successful branding needs to communicate these four aspects:

1) Your company’s value proposition and value points, that convey why you are the best company in your space and the finest company to potentially work for and with.

2) Communicate your company’s culture, values, type of employees and environment. Utilize your brand to communicate the “human” side of your company and what your company is all about from a holistic standpoint.

3) Develop a strategy in which you know the best way to connect with potential job candidates. Do your due diligence and research job boards, particular industries and trade websites to connect with potential candidates who seem like an ideal fit for your company. Also, post recruitment ads within these targeted outlets that will reach the particular type of candidates you are aiming for in order to create a consistent flow of quality applicants.

4) Utilize social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to connect with potential candidates. I know a lot of employers aren’t wild about utilizing social media to connect with candidates but like other advertising mediums, you need to reach them where they are at and social media is one of the best and most targeted ways to connect with candidates.

Make sure you are positioning, branding and marketing your company to get the ideal candidates to meet your company’s staffing goals. Don’t wait to utilize and improve your brand when things slow down. Harness your brand now and position your company to be the most desired company to work with and for!


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