Identify Key Differentiators


It’s a plague, so many companies can’t identify how and why they are better than their competition.

I love taking a look at products or services and working with you and your companies on just how to figure out your key differentiators. I like to look at how to make your products and services not only as good as the competition, but different and better than your competitors.

In product branding, the products themselves can be redesigned to separate your company  and your product from your competitors. You can redesign your product packaging to grab consumers attention to highlight key differentiators such as different features, designs or other advantages that highlight just how your products or services are unique and better than your competition.

Let me give you an example – We have an asphalt roofing products company that sells the asphalt that is melted down and applied to flat commercial roofs. Most materials in this particular market aren’t that different and they are put on hot and they have a foul odor to them. When roofs are repaired, many people (workers and clients alike) do not like the foul odor that the tar emits. Some even complain that the smell of the hot tar may be a health risk.

In searching for ways for this company could improve and differentiate themselves, they helped develop a “no smell additive” that made the asphalt odor free. The odor free product created a huge key differentiator and really set them and their product apart. Not all branding is won over that easily, many times you have to be creative and search for what makes your product and service unique and better.

Branding of professional services and general services can be a little more tricky. I still hear services firms tell me that they aren’t different or better than their competitors. I cringe when I hear that.

When branding a service, you have to research your competitor’s business and figure out their weaknesses to highlight your own strengths. You need to see if you have proprietary processes, if you can harness technology as a part of your differentiators, and you need to see if you can utilize these assets to set you apart from the competition. What is truly the most important part of all of this research and self discovery is: can you evolve from providing services, to being a solutions provider and have a process to get your customers to their desired results in the most effective and efficient way?

Most service providers say what they do, generally, they do not say why they are better than the competition and supply solid evidence to back that up. You need to look at how you develop those niches that are going to separate you from the competition and push to package those legitimate strengths into tangible and true key differentiators.

You can’t afford to be a part of the slew any more, you need to identify your key differences, set yourself apart from your competitors, and be the best in your market!


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