Ideas to Evolve and Grow


Earlier this week, I spoke to a group and one of the questions that I was asked was, “how and where do you start in order to evolve and grow as a company and brand?” This is a good question, but it seems to be a common one as well. So let’s look at a few ideas on where to start, whether you are a product or service company:

1) Take a look at where your brand currently stands in comparison to the competition. Determine what steps need to be taken to stand out and own your own space. It is essential to figure out just how your brand will evolve, eventually separating yourself from the competition. My ideas below will describe further the steps needed to reach this goal.

2) Develop a new product or service offering – Expanding your product or service line is not only a great way to separate yourself from the competition, but also gives you an opportunity to provide a wide appeal to your target customers and generate news and exposure for your company.

3) Redesign or package a product or service – Even if your product or service is being updated or redesigned, giving it a fresh look will stop and catch people’s attention and generate more interest and sales!

4) Develop a new service model – Another good way to evolve your company is to develop a service model that doesn’t just say “we provide great service!” If you are going to provide great service, set a standard of how and what the service is going to be composed of. Make sure you define expectations for the customer and team that is going to be delivering that service. If it’s really going to be different and better, name it, package it, deliver upon it, and use it to evolve and improve your customer’s brand experience.

5) Develop your own technology/software/app that will gain adoption – I see all sorts of companies utilizing technology to improve their customer interaction/relationship, brand, and sales results to help set  themselves apart from the competition. Look at how you could possibly use technology, a program, or app to evolve and grow.

6) Become the expert in your space – No matter what space you are in, you can and should be an expert in that space, even if it’s a fun retail shop, consumer product, or business to business brand. You can be the expert in eye/eyewear protection even if you’re a sunglass manufacturer or retailer. If you’re a professional service provider, make sure you own whatever space you happen to be in.

Don’t be stagnant, bland, boring, or stuck in the past allowing your competitors to beat you. Evolve, grow, and find ways to reinvent your brand. You will produce the results you are trying to achieve if you you are able to differentiate yourself!

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