How to Evolve, Grow, and Harvest Your Brand & Company

Implementix is the brainchild of Brand Champion, Scott McLean. It began as a sticker company that evolved into a vehicle wrapping company, called DI Graphics. They started with individual vehicles to wrapping entire fleets, which transformed the company’s entire brand and position in the marketplace. As part of their company’s evolution, they had to figure out how to logistically coordinate rebranding of an entire organization’s brand assets, vehicles, and signage.


Scott and his team realized that conversion of a brand wasn’t as easy as changing wrappers and signs; it involved strategically mapping out assets, coordinating logistics, staff, materials and utilizing technology to help manage the entire process. The DI Graphics team decided to develop their own software tool, called Implementix, to help manage brand conversions. Even though technology is a big part of what they do, the strategy and logistics around these rebranding efforts was paramount.

Evolving and growing a company and brand of DI Graphics into Implementix has taken the leadership of Scott and his executive team. It is an exciting evolution for them to grow from a production company into a consulting, strategy and implementation firm. This transformation wasn’t by accident, Scott wanted to evolve his company out of a very competitive commoditized printing/sticker space into a more strategic one where potentially the margins are much healthier, the engagements are larger, and instead of getting the majority of their work through bids, they were brought in as a strategic consultant/advisor.

I love seeing companies evolve into what they want to be, what space they want to own and the money they want to make. For Scott, it required having a plan of attack, incorporating it into a timeline, assigning responsibility, and making sure it was executed. It takes commitment, vision, leadership and courage to lead a company through this type of brand transformation. Scott has the assets and commitment of a Brand Champion. He took his company to the next level and figured out how to evolve, grow and harvest. It also takes implementation, execution and accountability to make the new and improved brand take shape and come alive.  Take a look at the the new Implementix brand:


Implementix and DI Graphics are positioned for success. Scott and his team are not only focused on the brand, but squarely on execution and results. Because of Scott and his team’s efforts their revenue is going to far surpass their yearly goals; their bottom was up more than double the entire year’s goal and they’re only halfway through the year!!! That’s some serious goal crushing!

I enjoy watching companies succeed; I especially love to see our clients crush it. Scott and Implementix are doing just that, mainly because they have a Brand Champion that is leading the charge and positioning his company to succeed and win. Hats off to you, Scott, and the rest of the Implementix team, way to get it done and win!!!

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