Down to the Wire: Election Branding, Positioning and Messaging

160201150128-trump-clinton-split-portrait-exlarge-169It’s down to the wire for the presidential election and if you aren’t already sick of political advertising, you will be shortly. It’s time to watch the full glory of the branding, positioning and messaging surrounding each candidate as they run for office.

With the election being just 60 days away, it’s time for the presidential candidates to try and solidify their brand, position and message not only with voters of their own party but also to much sought after independent voter.maxresdefault

Expect to be bombarded via television and radio spots, mailings, social media touches and more as the candidates attempt to get your vote.

clinton_kaineThe changes in tone will intricately change as the winds of the campaign blow. Election politics are known for attacking other candidates and parties, and trying to separate themselves from the other candidate and party.

In just 60 days, we will have seen and heard tons of commercials and we’ll be ready for the election to be over with. In the meantime sit back and enjoy the train wreck of political advertising at it’s finest and see how the candidates communicate their brand, position, message why they deserve your vote.


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