Cam Newton, Brand Chump

If you caught the Cam Newton Super Bowl press conference after the game, you saw postgame a great example of a Brand Chump.

In the interviews and press conferences leading up to the big game, it was story after story of Cam Newton and his inevitable win over the Denver Broncos. When you talk the big talk like Cam Newton, your performance better be able to back it up. Confidence is one thing, and there’s even some room for cockiness when it comes to the NFL, but if you lose, you better be able to take the loss in stride like a real champion.


It’s clear that Cam’s mother, Jackie Newton, understands this based on the text message she sent the Carolina Panthers player before the game, advising him to always stay positive. However, after all was said and done and the Broncos took the title, Cam failed to follow the wise words he had posted so recently to Instagram.

Here, Cam Newton demonstrates a withdrawn demeanor as he answers reporters’ questions in short one-word phrases. Coming fresh from a huge defeat must be extremely difficult, but as a leader, it is Cam Newton’s job to exhibit a positive attitude. Eventually, Newton gets up and flees the press conference.

Deflecting nearly every question, Cam Newton kept his comments short about his team’s Super Bowl loss and fled the conference quickly. Viewers on social media quickly took to Twitter, calling Newton “classless” and a poor leadership example. Hopefully, Cam Newton learned a valuable lesson when it comes down to personal brand management. It is best to be gracious in defeat and exhibit the characteristics of a champion regardless of winning or losing. That is how you become a brand champion for yourself because actions speak louder than words, and at the same time, the words we don’t say sometimes speak louder than the ones we do.

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