Branding Through Original Content


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With many brands today, their content can be one of their best strengths or it can be one of their worst weaknesses, depending how well it is or isn’t created and communicated. Why? Because your content is what defines WHO YOU ARE and what separates your brand from the rest of the pack. Creating original, unique and relevant content on a consistent basis will position your brand as the preferred product, service or expert within your space. So what can you do to tap into the power of content to ramp up your brand and your online results? How can you utilize such to position you and your brand as the best to buy and work with?

One of the greatest positioning, branding and marketing mediums today is the power to create original content.  It allows you to position yourself and your brand as the preferred product, service or expert. I get asked about creating content all the time; is it really worth it to create original content? Quite simply, yes!

Original content is beneficial because:

  • It positions you, your company, brand, products and services as the best in your space
  • It differentiates and separates you from your competition
  • It improves your findability and organic search results, moving you ahead of your competition
  • It defines your brand and what customers can expect when they choose to do business with you
  • It communicates your company’s culture and values to potential employees, which will allow you to use it as a recruiting tool

Search engines reward company websites when you are consistently updating, changing and adding articles, blogs, photos, videos and other forms of original content as well as actively engaging through your social media channels. This is a great and useful way to continually improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and overall findability. In a world where it seems like everything has a price tag, this is one aspect that you can take advantage of to direct people to find and do business with you, but it will take time and patience (Yes time equals money, but that’s for another discussion).

Generating content, not just junk or filler, but actual creative, quality and thought provoking content helps potential customers learn about you, your company, your thoughts, your values, your products, services and overall brand. It helps to build a rapport with your audience and provides them a deeper insight to what you and your brand are all about. Your original content can and will benefit you if you make the time for it.  So get out there and start creating!


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