What are Your Brand Goals for 2015?

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As the year comes to a close, it is time to start thinking about your business’s goals and objectives and how you can better position your brand for 2015. I know a fair amount of you all do business planning each and every year for things like revenue, profit, budgets, etc. But I’m talking about developing plans for 2015 that are going to help your company achieve new heights and plans that are going to effectively improve your brand’s position, ROI and help you to own your space.

  1. Commit to your plan in writing – Get your plan on paper and commit to making it happen this year! You should keep it somewhere that gets constant visibility so that it doesn’t collect dust in a folder. So in order to take this plan to market, you need to put together a timeline with a marketing calendar as well as how you will revise your company’s message, position and identity. Assign tasks to your team and make sure that you are all holding each other accountable for any and all tasks and deadlines you set. Develop milestones along the way to ensure your progress and so you can see the strides you have made and will continue to make along that timeline.
  2. Consider developing a new brand look and feel to separate you from your competitors. By using your newly cultivated plan, you can refine your brand look and feel to better connect with your target customers and convey your new brand’s competitive position in the marketplace. Your newly minted brand should now look “world class” and better than anything else in your marketplace. With this new look and feel along with a powerful but creative message, you will also begin to recognize how you can separate yourself from the rest of the pack. Your brand will begin to stand out and you will be well on your way to a successful 2015!
  3. Take the marketplace by storm with a refreshed brand, message and position. Your target customers, partners and the marketplace as a whole will now know what you do, as well as how and why your company “does it better” than your competition. Make sure you are getting your message out enough times, to enough people and utilizing enough different types of mediums to reach your targets and build a rapport with them. Your company should be the obvious choice to do business with when targets are making a crucial business and purchasing decision.
  4. Track and measure your effectiveness – Track your marketing efforts against your goals to make sure you are getting the desired results you originally set out for yourself and your company. If you are reaching your goals, continue to pour more gas on the fire and keep it up! If things are not going as planned, shift your strategy to get back on track while it is still early in 2105.

Execute on these tactics and make your business goals and objectives become a reality. Forge your brand and drive revenue so your dreams can become your reality. Make 2015 the year you imagined it can, could and should be. Plan to make it happen and reap the rewards. Take charge and lead the way, Brand Champion!



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