Brand Champions have a plan and everyone needs to know it!

As we are growing as a firm, we wanted to make sure everyone on the team knows and understands our own brand, vision, who we are, what we want to be, and the goals and objectives we are trying to achieve. So we sent out a survey to make sure everyone on our team knows and understands just who we are and what we at Brand Iron are trying to get accomplished.

I was a little surprised when we got the results.  I was surprised to find out that only some team members know who we are, and what we are trying to accomplish. The other members of the team were unsure and some didn’t know if we could accomplish our stated goals and objectives.


I mean, I thought we have done a good job letting everyone on our team know who we are and what we are trying to get accomplished and yet, how does everyone not know?

I took some time to think about the results of the survey so we can learn from this exercise and improve our brand.  I realized a common problem that other brands probably experience.  I think this is a valuable lesson for Brand Champions. I believe what happened stems from each of us being so tied up in doing what we do on a daily basis. We have to remember to engage with our own team as much as we engage with our clients so we are a united front when we take our brand message out to the masses. We have to be accountable to championing the brand making it become reality and producing the results we desire.

For us, our overall goal is branding and driving revenue, but we forget to keep reinforcing our own brand, position, what we are trying to get accomplished and just how we are going to achieve our goals and objectives. We think the team should know our plan because we are all working together, sitting next to each other at meetings and trying to accomplish the same things, we think, right? NO!

That’s right, no. As leaders, we can’t just think and assume.  We as Brand Champions have to do a better job of owning the brand and making sure everyone, first and foremost within the company, understands not only why we are better, but also how we are making that become a reality.  We have to package the message appropriately and make sure everyone knows just what it is and how to effectively communicate it in a simple and concise fashion.

It’s a new week, go forth and make your brand come alive Brand Champion!

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