Brand Champions Evolve and Control Their Brand Story (even on social media!)


I’ve noticed that business leaders these days, especially if they are older, haven’t evolved and grown to a point where they own and communicate their company’s brand stories on social media. It’s not that they have to, or even that they should, but it helps to what is being said about you and your brand online, on different blogs and websites, and in the “Twittersphere.”

A characteristic of a great Brand Champion is staying connected and approachable to friends, contacts and the online community. They promote their brand and brand story, they share information and they communicate and position themselves as experts in their space; they position themselves as Brand Champions.

Brand Champions also expand their sphere of influence and reach out to other influencers, target prospects and clients. They connect with industry and trade associates. They build relationships with customers to promote the brand, brand story, brand advocates and influencers.

They also mentor and help one another by giving tips to succeed. Brand Champions understand that a big part of being a Brand Champion is giving back and supporting those within their organization, staying connected and hearing what they customers are saying, and gaining invaluable information on how to provide a better brand and customer experience.

There are two tips about Brand Champions on social media that I like to refer to:

First, as Luke Wyckoff (@LukeWyckoff) has said, It’s about being social, having fun, and being connected. Be a Brand Champion that has fun, is social, and stays connected.

Second, as Tim Sanders (@sanderssays) said in his book, “Love is the Killer App,” it’s all about giving, not getting. Love, networking, and social media are about giving, sharing, and helping others excel; helping others will ultimately help you in the long run.

In order to connect with those that care about you, your company, and your brand, you must evolve and champion your brand and be the one to communicate  your brand and brand story. Have fun with social media! Position yourself, your company and your brand as the experts in your space. Be the best and provide the best brand experiences and you will be the Brand Champion you are meant to be.

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