Brand Champion – Tim Heaton


Earlier this month, CAMA (Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Alliance) held its first Manufacturing Day up at the Embassy Conference Center in Loveland CO, and it was a huge success! This success wasn’t by accident; it came about by the hard work from Tim Heaton, the board of directors and the CAMA members.

CAMA is spearheaded by its Brand Champion, Tim Heaton, who has a great passion for manufacturing, but also for helping manufacturers to succeed in Colorado and creating an environment for them to thrive and prosper.


Tim is a Brand Champion because he is passionate for what CAMA stands for. CAMA stands for growing manufacturing companies in Colorado, raising awareness of manufacturing’s value and a member driven/member focused organization, among others. Tim has manufacturing experience within the state of Colorado and is committed about helping manufacturers succeed as well as helping the CAMA members grow and create new jobs.

CAMA and the state of Colorado are fortunate to have a guy like Tim who has been able to pull together a top notch board of directors, enlist the help of a couple of major corporations to support and underwrite the formation of CAMA, develop programs that benefit the members, and lay out a master plan to develop manufacturing in the state all within a fairly short period of time.

Brand Champions like Tim not only have the vision for their organization, but they are influential, they motivate their team (or in Tim’s case, volunteers), board members, sponsors, associated government officials. They are able to pull all these stakeholders into taking action and making the CAMA mission, it’s brand, it’s value proposition and the entire experience around CAMA and manufacturing come alive within the state of Colorado.

I am excited for CAMA’s future and I feel confident that they are going to reach their goals and objectives because they have a great Brand Champion driving them to succeed. Are you being proactive and taking the reins and driving your organization to succeed and realize it’s and your own potential?


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