It’s All About Great Service & Great Experiences

On a hot and dry summer’s night in Draper, Utah, I stayed at the SpringHill Suites by Marriott and had the privilege of having a great brand experience. Not the typical experience, but a positive one nonetheless.

After a long days work, I got back to my hotel room only to realize my TV remote didn’t work; this was the last thing I needed. So, I stopped by the front desk and told the woman there my problem with the remote. Admitting to her that I couldn’t figure out how to use the TV remote was a big deal. She was very understanding and asked if I wanted to have the building engineer call or come by my room to look at it. It didn’t matter to me, I just wanted my remote fixed. Ten minutes later the building engineer, Monte Webb, knocked at the door.

Monte came in my room with a big smile and asked what the problem was with my remote. He said he’d bring me back a working remote. Monte was back in a flash with one that worked and asked if I needed anything else to make sure I had a great experience at the hotel. I didn’t, but thanked him for taking care of my remote issues with a great attitude of service.

I went out to dinner and afterwards decided to head down to soak in the hot tub. A few other guests joined in the fun. After a little while, to my surprise, Monte appeared to check on the pH balance of the pool and hot tub. When he was there, he asked how everyone was doing and if there was anything else needed to make the stay the best possible. Not only was Monte friendly and personable, but I could tell he really cared and wanted to make sure I was having a great experience and he took it on personally.

All companies need Brand Champions to lead the brand charge, but they also need service and experience champions like Monte Webb. In order for brands and their experiences to become real, they have to be embraced by everyone to deliver on the brand value promise and to create great brand experiences. From the top of the organization, to those in the front lines, to the people in the warehouses, to the supporting engineers and those answering the phones, a brand has to come alive throughout the entire organization.

A leader’s job is to inform everyone what the brand promise is and how to deliver on it. The Brand Champion’s job is to motivate everyone to make great experiences happen. It’s not good enough to lay out the direction and strategy, but it’s a necessity to get the right team on board and deliver on that strategy. Make the brand real, alive, and sustainable by championing the brand.

Hats off to Monte Webb and the rest of the team at the SpringHill Suites by Marriott in Draper, Utah for championing their brand and making a great experience for me. Keep up the good work!

Monte was nice enough to pose for photo for my blog. What a true Brand Champion of Service and Experience!


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