Brand Champion: Bethany Mota

YouTube star, Bethany Mota and others like her are not only Brand Champions of today, but are also shining examples of what future Brand Champions can look like. Through the power of YouTube, Mota has successfully taken her name and brand to all new heights.

Mota joined YouTube in 2009 and created her first channel to initially escape the stresses of bullying. She started making videos with makeup and hair tutorials, fashion, “Do It Yourself” projects, and other trending video topics. Her web popularity started with haul videos.

Bethany Mota

Mota’s videos have not only helped create and power her own brand, but it has helped propel major name brands that provide her with their products or gift cards to endorse their brand. Mota has partnered with both JCPenney and Forever 21, and in December 2013, she signed with Aeropostal to get her own clothing and accessory line, in which she retains creative control. The numbers don’t lie; take a look at what makes Mota a media powerhouse:

YouTube subscribers: 7,255,573 (between 2 channels: 9,194,972)
YouTube views: 552,729,897 (between 2 channels: 600,491,241)
Twitter followers: 1,965,655
Facebook likes: 1,434,240
Instagram followers: 3,826,305 (that’s more than popular fashion magazines Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan COMBINED!)

In order to cultivate her fan following, Mota purchases prizes and awards them to her fans, known as “Mota-vators”, who promote her videos across YouTube and all social media outlets. In January, Business Insider estimated that she makes approximately $40,000 a month on her videos. She was also selected to be among the content creators in YouTube’s first advertising campaign.

Bethany Mota is not only a Brand Champion for others but is a major advocate for her own brand. She is even on the front cover of September/October Fast Company magazine touting that a, “Billion fans can’t be wrong.” Brand Champions understand the power a successful brand can possess and that positioning yourself and your brand as experts in the respected space is crucial to ongoing success. In this case, Mota has done a great job promoting herself to be the brand of choice when it comes to “Do it Yourself”, fashion, and style.

What are your branding and positioning tactics you and/or your company claim to be the best at? How can you be pro-active to championing your Brand? How can you be the Bethany Mota of your space?

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