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Dr. Sean, Brand Champion of The Joint

I frequent The Joint, a chiropractic services office located in Lakewood, Colorado, where Dr. Sean Burkhardt is the primary chiropractor. I’ve tried several chiropractors over the years and finding a… Read on! →

Cam Newton, Brand Chump

If you caught the Cam Newton Super Bowl press conference after the game, you saw postgame a great example of a Brand Chump. In the interviews and press conferences leading… Read on! →

Oprah and the Power of Social Media

I don’t know if you saw it, but Oprah tweeted a confession about how she is able to eat bread every day and still lose weight thanks to Weight Watchers…. Read on! →

Donald Trump – Media Champion

  Whether you love him, hate him, or tolerate hate, one thing is for certain Donald Trump knows how to grab headlines like no other presidential candidate. Donald Trump has… Read on! →

The Brand Promise

I’m sure we’ve all heard about the “brand promise” more times than we can care for, but how many of us really know what it is or what it means?… Read on! →

Know Thy Numbers – Brand Champions Do!!

When people think of brands and branding, they typically don’t think of numbers and results, but Brand Champions do! Branding is about results and ROI (return on your investment), not… Read on! →

Qualities of a Brand Champion

A Brand Champion has to have the following attributes in order to be a true Brand Champion! To be a Brand Champion, you must have courage and conviction. Brand Champions… Read on! →

Why Twitter needs a Brand Champion and CEO now!

In case you hadn’t noticed, Twitter’s stock absolutely got crushed the other evening after interim CEO Jack Dorsey made comments during an earnings call about the company’s status. Jack Dorsey… Read on! →

Twitter Needs a Brand Champion

With Dick Costolo stepping down as Twitter’s CEO, the on-line social media platform is looking for a new CEO to guide the company into a positive direction. Just last week there was even an… Read on! →

How to turn around failure and win like a Brand Champion

There’s no way to get around it. Brand Champions hate losing. There’s also no way to get around the fact that mistakes happen at every company, from small startups and… Read on! →