Bill O’Reilly to interview President Obama on Super Bowl Sunday. Let the year of pre-election brand positioning begin!

obama oreilly

You heard correctly, Mr. Bill O’Reilly will be interviewing President Obama live on Fox News this Sunday during the Super Bowl pregame festivities.  Score one huge victory for Bill O’Reilly and Fox News, bringing in the President for a live one-on-one interview, on the heels of his State of the Union Address, nonetheless.  But why is it that President Obama is choosing to appear on Fox News and doing this interview now?

Why?  Because it is nearing that time again. The time where the election season starts to become more prevalent.  The time where you get to watch political commercials hours on end for months.  I know it is exciting, but don’t everyone jump out of your seats at once.  The President, who was bashing Fox News just last week, will be appearing on the “Fair and Balanced” news network mainly because it is the mid-term election cycle which normally doesn’t favor the President.  Also, since his popularity ratings are in decline and the recent Obamacare roll out brouhaha, he desperately needs to do something to help his cause.

Call me crazy but I love to watch the Republican and Democratic party’s brand positioning and the overall negative advertising of politics that come out in bloody fashion. I love the speed in which an election can change and how political stories and drama unfold before our very eyes.  If the President’s approval rating were higher, then you wouldn’t be seeing the man on Fox News.

This interview will get both parties engaged, interested, and talking about what should be done.  Maybe the constant chatter that will surely occur before, during, and after the interview is just what President Obama wants.  Either way, Obama will have his hands full knowing that O’Reilly will ask tough questions.  It is just a matter of how the President responds that will determine the vibe of the interview.  Calm and informative?  Heated and controversial?  This Sunday will certainly be interesting.  In addition to the midterm elections and Obama’s declining popularity, Obamacare is dragging the President down.  Rather, it is sinking the Democratic party’s ship.  So yes, maybe Obama is appearing on Fox News to try and help stem the tide of his the poor ratings.  It is his attempt to build support for other Democrats running for office later this year and save his reputation.

If you aren’t planning on watching the interview maybe you should reconsider.  I am going to love watching all the political positioning and branding fireworks that will take place throughout.  Take notice of just how the President is going to try and re-position himself and the entire Democratic party over the next seven months for the upcoming election. Watch and see if both parties will try and get some things accomplished in order to position themselves for success this November or if we’re going to see more of what we’ve been seeing with gridlock and finger pointing.

No matter what happens this Sunday, and for the next seven months, we’re going to see some great examples of positioning, branding, name calling, mud slinging and negative marketing and advertising! Enjoy, it will be great to watch!


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