Battle for the Grocery Store Customer

Who knew that the battle for the everyday grocery store customer would come down to the amount of time it takes to get through checkout and whether you have to bag your own groceries or not?

Having shopped at Safeway for years, I had become accustomed to their stores and liked them. However, as time progressed their checking service have become slower and slower. In addition, it used to be that having a bagger to help you out of the store was par for the course, now getting bagging help has become like winning the lottery, it never happens.

I guess grocery stores think that location is the only thing that matters, but in my opinion, they are wrong.

Much like how SouthWest Airlines began letting bags fly free in response to the backlash people had regarding paying for bag checking, King Soopers has now focused their entire ad campaign on how they offer faster checking and bagging. King Soopers understood that people don’t have time or desire to wait in line to get out of the grocery store, nor do they have any interest in bagging their own groceries. It sounds pretty simple doesn’t it?

Yes it is simple, but in my opinion very affective. My last couple of times getting out of Safeway had become a nightmare, and one that I honestly dreaded. My wait just to get through checking had averaged 15-20 minutes, which seems absolutely absurd to me. No wonder King Soopers went after Safeway’s loyal following. With Safeway asking every customer to wait and waste a ridiculous amount of time just to pay for their groceries, there was a huge opportunity for King Soopers. It was time to take it to the competition and position themselves as the leader to a customer base who was dying to be served. Way to stand out King Soopers! Way to show that service still does matter, especially to those customers who don’t have time to waste in a ridiculous line.

This is a perfect example of branding yourself so that your competition doesn’t do it for you. Don’t let your company be the next Safeway, instead champion your brand and be the King Soopers of your space.

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