A Brand Champion Solute to the People of Boston

During a week of high drama and great sadness this was the tip of the cap to the people of Boston. They’ve been put through hell and back.

All of America has been watching and praying for the people that were killed or injured, including the families affected by this senseless tragedy. A town that was rocked this past week has responded. The people of Boston have come together, supported one another and lived in fear until the second terrorist was captured. As the news spread about how they found and caught the younger terrorist, the citizens of Watertown lined the streets and cheered the police as they left.

They have been a shining example of what it means to be Champions of America’s Brand and what the people of this great country stand for. As a symbol of this nation’s undying strength, the attendees of the Boston Bruins game last Wednesday sang a highly spirited rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner. That night, the people of Boston couldn’t have made me more proud to be an American.

Check out the video of the people of Boston singing our national anthem:

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