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Let’s set the tone with what branding is all about. Not to be confused with marketing, advertising or PR; it is bigger than a catchy name, a trendy logo, or a flashy website. Branding is about the emotions and associations that these images conjure up. Branding is a promise (of quality, of excellence, of innovation, of customer service) delivered to consumers by those images. However, Seven Secrets of a Brand Champion pushes this definition further and says that the real power of branding is in how you position your company to achieve the desired goals and objectives. Branding is, and should always be, about results.

We as business owners share a common goal: to grow capital and our businesses. Michael Doyle has it down to a science using a seven-step process. As a matter of fact he has made a career of helping business executives become their own Brand Champions. He’s shared his passion and his holistic approach to business success with countless clients over the years to achieve unbelievable results. Now Michael is sharing them in his new book, Seven Secrets of a Brand Champion. This book will provide the tools that you and your business need to succeed: from how to champion your brand, to evolving your brand to staying ahead of the competition. In the book Michael shares his personal experiences as a Brand Champion along with the common traits that successful Brand Champions exhibit.

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Secrets of a Brand Champion book

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