7 Biggest Branding Blunders of 2012

As we take a look back at the year of 2012 it’s time to take a look at some of the biggest branding blunders of the year.

Lance Armstrong. As a cycling star, sports hero and cancer survivor, Lance Armstrong has lived and breathed the LiveStrong brand for years. He has won countless titles and raised millions of dollars to assist with the fight of cancer. But alas, Lance couldn’t fight off the USADA and all of his teammates as they tag-teamed him in the accusation of doping. As the LiveStrong brand took a huge hit and most of his sponsors dropped him like a hot potato, today, Lance could be considered one of the biggest sports cheats ever.

The Romney Campaign. Even though he was coming off of an unsavory record, high unemployment rates and responsible for tittering our Nation off the fiscal cliff, the 2012 election was a piece of cake for President Obama. The Romney Campaign struggled immensely to define a brand, position and message that could shut down Obama. Romney lost the election by relying on the old and stale GOP brand messaging and positioning and as a result, his campaign joins the other brand blunders of 2012.

Hostess.  Hostess has caused a world-wide frenzy as people scrambled to get their hands on the last Twinkies, Ho-Ho’s and Ding-Dong’s to ever be produced. This has raised the question, if they were really that good, why would Hostess be going out of business? One thing’s for sure –   the brand sure took a beating while Hostes

IPhone Maps Update.  The release of the IPhone 5 was the breaking news for Apple in 2012; however, the big technology advancement of the IPhone also came with a huge technology mistake. Apple’s drive to create their own maps system was so focused on steering away from the competition (Google Maps), that they led several IPhone users astray with an app that wasn’t ready to be used. Apple sacrificed the product and brand in attempts to keep a utilized service in the family, what a blunder!s went bankrupt.

NHL. The NHL has been rapidly growing in terms of dollars and fan base, until now. It’s hard to imagine that the owners and players just can’t seem to get it together on how they are going to split up millions and probably billions of dollars. As the lockout continues, the entire brand of the NHL is on the table and the recent progress of the league is slipping right out the door.

Facebook IPO.  Facebook is one of the most recent stock IPO’s that everyone wanted to be a part of. As a result of huge media coverage and the overall hype of the brand, Facebook’s stock should have propelled to great heights- that wasn’t the case. If you heard that giant hissing sound, it was the fast deflating sound of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook stock losing value, and losing it quickly!

Adidas Shackle Shoes. Who was in charge of common sense department over at the well-known and loved brand, Adidas? Obviously whoever it was skipped work for a few days as the idea of Shackle Shoes came to fruition. As a result, there was uproar over the said to be “salve shoes” led by Jesse Jackson. If you’ve got Mr. Jackson calling out your product as a bad thing- you know you’ve got a blunder on your hands, or feet in this case.

Make sure you don’t make these brand blunders in your own business that can kill not only your brand but also your company and your future.

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