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Halloween Memories

One of my most favorite Halloween memories was back in college when I worked at Knott’s Scary Farm, the annual Halloween transformation of the popular California amusement park, Knott’s Berry… Read on! →

Branding Through Original Content

  With many brands today, their content can be one of their best strengths or it can be one of their worst weaknesses, depending how well it is or isn’t… Read on! →

The Importance of Your Brand in Recruiting

Recently, I’ve been working with several companies in the fields of construction, oil and gas, IT, SAAS and APP that are stymied by the lack of qualified workers. The companies… Read on! →

Negative Ads Producing Effective Results

With the midterm elections under four weeks away, we are already getting barraged by political ads everyday, with most of them negatively biased toward one candidate or the other. As… Read on! →