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The Fall of Blockbuster

Unfortunately, I see companies all the time that do not understand what true branding is. They fail to realize that you have to be fully utilizing the brand to achieve… Read on! →

Branding Sin – No Brand Champion at the Helm

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: you need a Brand Champion to lead the charge. Yahoo is a prime example of what happens when there is no… Read on! →

The 7 steps of a Brand Champion Awakening!

1) Realization – It happens when the soon-to-be Brand Champion wakes up. One day they decide they want to take the business to the next level. It could be accomplishing… Read on! →

The Attributes of a Brand Champion

Not too long ago, I heard from a client who we were helping through a name change. He was frustrated with his team because they were whining and complaining about… Read on! →