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Brand Champions Evolve and Control Their Brand Story (even on social media!)

I’ve noticed that business leaders these days, especially if they are older, haven’t evolved and grown to a point where they own and communicate their company’s brand stories on social… Read on! →

Thank you CAMA for the Speaking Opportunity!

I had a blast with CAMA (Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Alliance) at the Advanced U: Industrial Marketing Seminar at EKS&H in Denver yesterday! Thank you for the opportunity to interactively discuss… Read on! →

Proud to See Brand Ambassadors Evolve into Brand Champions

One of the main thing elements of a brand evolving and growing is the development of other Brand Champions within your organization. One of the best feelings a Brand Champion… Read on! →

Speaking at CAMA Seminar Tomorrow 5/21!

I am speaking to CAMA (Colorado Advance Manufacturing Alliance)’s Advanced U: Industrial Marketing Seminar about the “7 Secrets to Successfully Advance Your Brand and be Positioned as an Industry Leader” tomorrow, May 21st at EKS&H… Read on! →

What Mom Taught Us About Brands

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day. And on this special day, we look to MOM as the top brand! When thinking of a Brand Champion that represents… Read on! →

Thank You Vistage for Today’s Opportunity!

I really enjoyed speaking to a Vistage Group at the Wells Fargo Bank in Greenwood Village today. Thank you for the opportunity to interactively discuss the 7 sins and 7 secrets of… Read on! →

Brand Champion Doc Rivers

On the heels of last week’s Donald Sterling debacle (you can read my blog on Brand Chump Donald Sterling here), this week’s blog blog is about a Brand Champion stepping… Read on! →

Speaking at Vistage Fri., 5/9

I am speaking to the a Vistage Group this Friday, May 9th, about the 7 Secrets of a Brand Champion at the Wells Fargo Bank in Greenwood Village. I will cover a number of topics,… Read on! →